Quiz: What tech job is right for me?

Ready for a career shift to IT but don't know where to start? Wonder which profession in tech suits your skills and interests the best? Want to succeed in IT by leveraging your background and natural talents? Take this 15-minute tech career quiz to discover your strengths and abilities to maximize your potential. Start test

Must-know to succeed in your IT career

Which IT career is right for you? Find which professions in tech are likely to be a good fit for your personality.
Which traits will help you to succeed? Identify your unique strengths and personality traits that can maximize your career potential.
What learning path is the most effective? Choose the most effective learning methods and paths based on your behavioral patterns.
Is burnout a serious threat to you? Assess your stress tolerance and identify early signs of burnout and emotional exhaustion.

IT career quiz advantages

Free of charge

Test duration – 15 minutes

Available without registration

Scientific approach at the core

Results are encrypted

No correct or wrong answers


What’s inside?

The quiz is a simple, quick, and accurate way to scientifically access your key traits and determine which tech career is right for you. It’s based on numerous neurobiological and psychological studies, including the theory of leading trends and recent studies on congenital and acquired human brain features. Russell L. Ackoff, Fred E. Emery, Brent D. Ruben "On purposeful systems" Theory of interpersonal relations by W. Schutz You will see 75 pairs of statements. There are no right or wrong options among them. Both answers can be attractive – choose the one that is relevant to you. The more honest you are, the more accurate the test results will be. There is no time limit to complete it, but it usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Start test

How does the quiz help in career guidance?

After completing the quiz, you receive a list of IT professions in which you have a high chance of success with minimal effort. These suggestions do not limit your options – they highlight the areas where you could excel owing to your traits. As a result, it makes joining the profession easier and lessens the likelihood that you will regret your decision. If you have chosen a direction without feeling a strong inclination towards it, the quiz will help identify what difficulties you risk facing on the selected path and why.

What career quiz result will you get?

  • Career advice. Quiz results will help you find IT professions in which you are most likely to succeed, as well as personal qualities that will help you achieve maximum efficiency in your chosen role.
  • Psychological profile. The quiz algorithm will determine your psychological profile and main character traits. It will help you understand your thinking style and the dominant decision-making method. Also, it will assess your level of self-organization, initiative, leadership, conflict resolution, stress reactions and psychological stability.
  • Burnout risk assessment. The quiz will determine your level of stress tolerance and evaluate the risk of burnout as well as ways to prevent it.
  • Personal learning profile. You will receive recommendations on the best learning method for you.
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This test was created to assist you is determining IT professions that may be a good fit for your personality and selecting the most effective learning passes based on your unique psychological characteristics and behavioral patterns. Please note, that your test results are encrypted and only you have access to them. We have no access to your test results and do not store them in any format. To ensure your privacy, we do not collect, record, keep or process any information about you.