On September 29, for the second time this year, CodeBattle for Students 2.0 was organized. The event gathered around 40 students from various faculties, including participants and winners of the last battle.

This time the participants played a popular retro-game “Tankies”. Working alone or in pairs, the students could apply their knowledge and practice coding in C#, Java, JS, C++, and Python. 

The battle of bots was exciting. Tanks fought the enemy, looked for med kits and extra ammo, used teleporters, and bypassed obstacles (bogs, sands, and tank traps). With each new turn, the maps changed, so the participants had to think of new solutions to improve the algorithms. 

The battle winners were: 

  • 1st place: Alexander Kovalev and Maxim Pozdeev  
  • 2nd place: Vladislav Drokin  
  • 3rd place: Rivkat Khamidullin and Daniil Klukin  

Students were so excited with the battle of bots that instead of discussing the game and enjoying themselves, they asked our specialists for a technical interview during the afterparty!