Representatives of EPAM in Saratov, Russia, spent three days in an IT camp. On July 13-15, the Dubrovka recreation center in Saratov hosted the IT Duna Camp for a second time.

EPAM representatives together with other leading Saratov IT specialists came there to unwind, attend the lectures, and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. In three days more than 600 participants attended the event, where they were involved in various sports activities along with specialized presentations and lifestyle talks.

Vasiliy Karpov, Software Testing Manager, EPAM, was one of the first speakers. Vasiliy talked about verbal and non-verbal communication in interviews and shared tips on how to prepare for and succeed in a technical interview at EPAM. 


On July 14, after a busy day of presentations, we offered the participants to play a lottery and a quiz game and to complete all challenges of IT Boyard. 


We’re looking forward to summer and new meetings at the Duna Camp!