You may well discuss serious matters on Saturday morning over a cup of coffee with cookies, if that’s happening at student Lofty Talks at EPAM. Students just loved this format, since a relaxed weekend atmosphere is best suited for asking and answering questions about further professional development.

On October 5, we organized the third Lofty Talk for students in Saratov, where we spoke about nuances of a software testing engineer’s job and discussed topics related to this profession. EPAM speakers discussed features of automated and functional testing, and highlighted their similarities and differences. Participants heard the stories of people who decided to pursue a career in software testing and learned about opportunities that the career offers. Also, everyone could try out a software testing engineer’s job and put themselves in the role of a quality assurance specialist. 


We thank all participants for a warm and friendly atmosphere, and we invite you to the next EPAM Lofty Talks event!