EPAM together with the Higher School of Software Engineering, ICST SPbPU, held an annual conference on Advanced Technologies in Theoretical and Applied Programming.

The conference consisted of two parts. In the first part, all participants could attend the presentation of EPAM speakers: Dmitrii Romanov spoke about EPAM projects in bioinformatics, Dmitrii Kober and Mikhail Kamalov gave a lecture on Big Data and Data Science, and Anastasiia Makarova told about the EPAM Training Center and the career opportunities it offers for the beginning specialists. 


In the second part, the plenary meetings with the leading specialists representing IT companies were held, where students made presentations for their thesis defense. Mikhail Kamalov and Dmitrii Kober were the experts that evaluated students’ projects. This collaboration of experts and students enables the formation of a student IT association ready to solve challenging tasks and set trends in the profession. 


We thank everyone for the participation!