On May 11, SPbPU held the 4th Olympiad in Programming for students. More than 400 students from various faculties with С, C#, C++, Java, Python, and Pascal coding skills took part in the competition.

For four hours the teams competed in untangling the convoluted requirements, in properly distributing responsibilities across the team, and, naturally, in coding. To encourage true teamwork during the Olympiad, each team was allowed to use only one computer. EPAM mentors present at the event assisted students in solving the assignments by providing practical advice. 


The winners were: 

  • 1st place: the Title team (Vitaly Plastinin, Sonya Kevlya, Oganes Manasyan) 
  • 2nd place: the Wa42 team (Nikita Kalugin, Alexander Gorovoy, Michail Ovechkin) 
  • 3rd place: the #anitcode team (Timofey Volkov, Grigorii Pozdnyakov, Danila Fedorov)


At the awarding ceremony the winners received special gifts from EPAM. We thank all participants for the exciting competition, and we’re looking forward to seeing you next year!