Start date
End date
3 раза в неделю
Number of students
Brest, Belarus
Masherova 6a, EPAM Brest office
Basic description

Java is one of the top three most popular programming languages and is intended to develop enterprise-level applications.

Required skills

Target audience:

  • students in their 3rd-4th year of technical specializations (4-year education)
  • graduate students of technical specializations (without work placement)
  • graduates of technical universities or with engineering specialization

Minimum requirements for candidates:

  • basic knowledge of OOP and algorithms, Java, basic knowledge of web technologies
  • knowledge java core
  • perseverance and ingenuity in solving non-standard tasks
  • an Intermediate (B1) level of spoken English or higher


The Java Tutorials

Spring Framework documentation

Here you can get acquired with other open enrollments for EPAM training courses in Brest.

Training details

The enrollment for FREE training "Development of web applications in Java" is open.

In order to join the training, you need:

  • send a request for the selected training (we recommend using the first and last name in the transliteration during registration - according to your
  • have knowledge about java core
  • install and have on hand Linux, preferably the latest version of Ubuntu
  • create a user and have an idea about working with github.com
  • install IntelliJ IDEA Community
  • review and install if possible: JDK 10/11, Tomcat, Maven
  • have an idea about Spring Core, Spring MVC, RESTful
  • register on grow.by
  • pass a technical interview

Students who will complete the training successfully and defend the project will be able to continue their training in EPAM with the opportunity to
receive a Job Offer.