.NET Development
Хочеш отримати актуальні знання та навички для старту своєї кар'єри в IT? Подавай заявку на цю програму та навчайся у досвідчених експертів ЕРАМ.
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Self-study · Online
Self-study · Online · Basic

If you are keen to create a wide variety of applications of any level of complexity, as well as keep up with the latest technologies in IT, then this training program is what you need.   

By participating, you will have the opportunity to:  

  • Learn how to create programs in C # using a structured approach 
  • Understand simple algorithms for searching and sorting data 
  • Find out how to develop and debug .NET applications 

Upon successful training completion, you will lay a solid foundation for further growth as a .NET engineer. 

.NET is an open-source Microsoft platform for developing various solutions. With .NET, you can se multiple languages and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, IoT and more.
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What do we offer?
  • Self-paced mode: all study materials will be available 24/7, so you can explore them at your convenient pace 
  • Diverse content: this course consists of text resources and practical tasks with immediate automated feedback 
  • Beginner-friendly approach: built-in instructions and accessible delivery will help you easily navigate and pass the program 
Що необхідно для успішного навчання:
  • English level from A2 (Pre-Intermediate) and higher 
  • Basic programming languages skills: reading and understanding elementary code, creating a simple algorithm 
  • Fundamentals of the object-oriented programming language C# 
Як долучитися до програми?
  1. Register on this page. Once you fill in all the required fields, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab.
  2. Receive a link to the Autocode platform and start studying. We will send it via your profile's email right after the registration completion. 

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications. 

Що ти вивчатимеш?

This training program will help you dive into: 

Language Basics  

  • Print face 
  • Creating Static Methods 
  • Numeric Conversions 
  • Selection statements 
  • Darts Game 


  • Exceptions Handling 

Solving Arithmetic Problems with Loops  

  • Leap Year 
  • Population 
  • Arithmetic Sequence 
  • Calculations 
  • Next Bigger 
  • Gcd 
  • Gcd. Variable parameter's number 
  • [EXTRA] Newton method 

Working with Strings  

  • Working With Strings 
  • Getting a Character Index 
  • Counting String Chars 
  • Count of vowels 
  • Looking for Chars 
  • Shuffle Characters 

Formatting and Parsing Strings  

  • Parsing Strings 
  • RGB Converter 
  • Louis Vuitton Date Code 
  • Transform double 
  • ISBN Verification 

Working with Arrays  

  • Working With Arrays 
  • Counting Array Elements 
  • Getting an Array Element Index 
  • Looking for an Array Element 
  • Transformer in words 
  • Prime factors 
  • Get Neighbors 
  • Anagrams 
  • [EXTRA] Spiral matrix 

Implementing Search Algorithms  

  • Find maximum 
  • Balance element 
  • Binary Search Algorithm 
  • Relocation elements 
  • Filter by Palindromic 
  • Filter by Digit 

Implementing Sorting Algorithms  

  • Selection Sort Algorithm 
  • Insertion Sort Algorithm 

Solving Problems with Recursion  

  • Getting a Character Index (Recursion) 
  • Palindromic number (Recursion) 
  • Looking for Chars (Recursion) 
  • Looking for Array Elements (Recursion) 
  • Find Maximum (Recursion) 

Searching in Strings  

  • Searching in strings 
  • Language Game 

Bit Operations  

  • Get Memory Dump of Integer 
  • Bit Operations 
  • An Allergy Test 
.NET Development
Self-study · Online · Basic

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