From novice to a SAP consulting pro: essential resources
9 Jan

An SAP consultant is an expert in implementing and customizing SAP software for different industries. Their responsibilities involve analyzing business requirements and supporting end-users. If you aspire to become an SAP consultant, explore the list of helpful resources below to pave your way to career success:

  • SAP Community Network (SCN). A collaborative platform where SAP professionals and enthusiasts can connect, share knowledge and seek advice. It features forums, blogs and expert-led discussions, making it an excellent resource for beginners to ask questions, learn from experienced consultants and stay updated on the latest SAP trends. 
  • SAP Learning Hub. An online training platform that offers a wide range of courses and learning materials for SAP professionals. It provides access to e-learning content, interactive simulations, certification exams and a vast library of resources, helping beginners gain a solid understanding of SAP products, modules and functionalities. 
  • OpenSAP. An online learning platform provided by SAP that offers free courses on various SAP-related topics and provides self-paced and instructor-led formats. Participants can access course materials, video lectures, quizzes and discussion forums to interact with other learners and instructors.  
  • SAP Press Books. An online resource that publishes a comprehensive collection of books covering various SAP modules, technologies and best practices. These books provide in-depth explanations, practical examples and step-by-step guides, making them valuable resources for beginners looking to expand their SAP knowledge and skills. 
  • SAP Community and SAP Expert. Online blogs authored by industry experts and experienced SAP consultants that offer insights, tips and tutorials on specific SAP modules, functionalities, and implementation strategies.  
  • SAP Training and SAP Yard. YouTube channels cover a wide range of topics, including configuration, troubleshooting and demonstrations of SAP systems. Visual learning through video tutorials can be particularly helpful for beginners. 
  • ASUG (Americas' SAP Users' Group). An independent community of SAP professionals that provides networking opportunities, educational resources and access to industry events. It offers webinars, conferences and forums where beginners can learn from experienced practitioners, discover best practices and gain insights into SAP trends and innovations. 
  • SAP Help Portal. An official documentation resource provided by SAP. It contains comprehensive guides, documentation and technical references for SAP products and modules. Beginners can leverage this portal to understand specific SAP functionalities, configuration steps and troubleshooting techniques. 

Although the resources we've mentioned are valuable, it's important to supplement your learning with hands-on experience and practical implementation of SAP solutions. Seek mentorship and real-world projects from experienced SAP consultants and enhance your skills. If you are ready to start your career path, apply for our free training programs. Learn by doing!