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Python Development

Python is one of the easiest and most flexible programming languages, meant to improve development productivity and code readability. According to the PYPL ranking (Sep 2023), Python is the most popular programming language globally.

It is compatible with modern operating systems and has many free built-in libraries. Python finds applications in diverse fields, including web development, data science, machine learning, DevOps and gamedev. 

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What tasks do Python engineers have? 

Python developers are responsible for writing and testing code, debugging programs and connecting applications with third-party web services. Python is commonly used in the following areas:   

- Web Development: Python is ideal for small to medium-sized RESTful web apps, facilitating proof of concept (POC) or MVP implementation  

- Core Development: Python serves as a powerful tool for implementing business logic and developing rapid, flexible and high-quality solutions 

- ETL and Web Scraping: Python boasts a rich array of tools for handling Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes and web scraping tasks  

- Data Science and Machine Learning: Python’s extensive collection of libraries is widely used in machine learning  

- Scripting: Python is preferred for various scripting tasks due to its simplicity and efficiency 


Choose Python Development if you: 

  • Understand the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming (OOP), algorithms and data structures 
  • Strive to make first steps in one of the most popular programming languages 
  • Know English well enough to read technical documentation and maintain a conversation on simple topics 
  • Are good at analytical thinking and solving non-standard tasks 

What will you learn? 

We focus on providing motivated novices with the essential skillset for the powerful start in IT. Our graduates gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience required to step straight into working on real-life projects.  

Our Python training programs are designed to provide you with a structured approach to learning the fundamentals of Python. We will help you explore development environment setup, understand different data types, master functions for efficient code organization, learn modules and packages for code reusability and grasp object-oriented programming concepts (OOP) in Python, a fundamental paradigm for building scalable and modular applications. 


Useful Python materials  

Explore articles from our blog to learn more about Python programming language and actual trends in this field, get acquainted with the benefits of becoming a Python developer and receive self-study materials to enhance your skills: 

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