Cloud&DevOps Fundamentals. Cloud and Automation tools
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Dive into the exciting world of Cloud&DevOps with EPAM's free self-paced educational course designed for students without engineering experience!

Whether you're new to DevOps or eager to explore more about the direction, this program is your ticket to learning key technologies: Cloud (AWS or Azure), Terraform, and Configuration Management (Ansible).

Upon completion, not only will you have a solid foundation in DevOps, but you'll also have the chance to progress to advanced courses and explore potential opportunities within EPAM.

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Note! the course is in English, so you will need at least B1 (Intermediate) level for convenient participation.

Why DevOps ?

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a software development philosophy that implies the logic of software delivery as a finished product focused on solving the customer's and end users' specific problems.

An effective software development process in any modern IT company involves a single interaction cycle between development, deployment, and operation. A DevOps engineer is an actual "constructor" who collects a project's details into a single whole.

How to get started?
  1. Click the "Register" button on this page, create your profile and fill in all the required information
  2. Take an English test. It is available at "My application" tab in your personal account on this training portal. You should complete it before the registration is closed.
  3. Pass the technical exam. It consists of the set of theoretical tests and a practical tasks. The passing score is 70% or higher.
  4. Start the course on the EPAM Learn portal and enjoy learning!

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications. 

What is required for training:
  • English level: B1 (Intermediate) and higher.
  • Good understanding of Hypervisor, Networking, Linux, Bash, Version Control with GIT, Python, Docker, Software Development Methodologies, Continuous integration and Continuous delivery/Continuous deployment.
  • Basic understanding of algorithms, OOP, SQL, databases, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .Net will help you in your studies.
  • Basic understanding of Cloud (AWS or Azure) technology, Infrastructure as Code (Terraform), Configuration Management (Ansible) will be your advantage
Course benefits

Flexible Learning: study at your own pace and choose a convenient time that fits your schedule

No engineering experience required: ideal for students without prior IT experience

Foundation for growth in Cloud & DevOps: build a strong foundation that sets the stage for further development in Cloud and DevOps.

Accessible anywhere in Colombia: enrol in the course and study from any location within Colombia, providing accessibility and convenience.

Global expertise: course is developed by EPAM experts from different countries, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive perspective.

Practical knowledge for future careers: the course combines practical and useful knowledge, tailored to enhance your skills for future career opportunities.

What will you learn?
  • AWS
  • AWS Foundations
  • AWS Getting Started Learning Pathway
  • AWS Well-Architected, Networking, Security, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure for Researchers
  • Network, Cost Management, etc.
  • Infrastructure as Code. Terraform
  • Basic Concepts
  • Structure of Code
  • Modules and Functions
  • Advanced Features
  • Best Practices
  • Configuration Management. Ansible
  • Basics Concepts
  • Tasks Control and Roles
  • Advanced Features
  • Secret and Cloud Management
  • Best Practices
Eligibility criteria
  • This course is available for citizens of Colombia and relocated specialists with permanent residence only.
  • Current participants of EPAM Campus and EPAM employees cannot participate in this course. Please, contact your Training Coordinator or Resource Manager for another opportunities.
  • Eager to commit your time and effort in passing the course
What is a self-paced program?

A self-paced course or program for self-study is a type of education delivery format that is designed to fit introductory level of knowledge or to be a part of more advanced and comprehensive learning trajectory.


This format adhers to the “start as soon as you register” rule: the course has no fixed start/end date. Participants progress along the entire learning curve at their own pace, taking into account advice on recommended milestones or educational module duration to make the learning process well-balanced and productive.


Completing a self-paced program does not guarantee a transition to EPAM or future collaboration with the company. We strive to share high-quality, relevant knowledge, while also helping novices to gain necessary skills for the powerful start in IT industry.

Cloud&DevOps Fundamentals. Cloud and Automation tools
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