Introduction to Automated Testing
Striving to gain market-oriented knowledge and skills to jumpstart your career in IT? Apply for this program and shape your professional path with EPAM experts.
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Program start
25 April
5 weeks

This course was created exclusively for people who want to learn the basics of Automated Testing, regardless of whether they have prior IT experience. 

Our learning path includes several modules, offering you a step-by-step approach to gaining in-depth knowledge in this direction. By participating, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn core software development methodologies 
  • Master Testing theory and Test Automation foundations 
  • Advance your proficiency in version control with Git 

For 1,5 months, you will explore self-study materials, complete assigned tasks and pass knowledge-checking tests. Our experienced mentors will guide your learning through Q&A sessions held twice a week. 

Upon completing the course, successful candidates will be able to continue their path on next-level courses according to the demonstrated skills as well as available opportunities in EPAM and will receive Program Completion Acknowledgement (Constancia). 

Automated Testing
Automated Testing is the process of running software tests automatically. It accelerates routine testing and examines inaccessible for manual testing code areas.
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What is required for training:
  • English level from B1+ and higher   
  • Self-learning and self-discipline skills 
  • Willingness to embrace new knowledge and process information 
  • Basic understanding of information technology concepts and software operation 
  • Aspiring to enter the IT industry without prior experience, technical education, or an IT-related background. 
Please read this info before registration
  • This course is available for citizens of Mexico and relocated specialists with permanent residence only.
  • The start date may change, so the selection period will be adjusted accordingly. Please follow updates on this page and via email. 
  • Current participants of EPAM Training Center and EPAM employees can not participate in this course. Please, contact your Training Coordinator or Resource Manager for another opportunities
  • Considering the limited number of places in this course, the selection results will be decisive factors for being enrolled.
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page by April 17
  2. Take an English test available in your profile before the registration is closed. 
  3. Participate in the kick-off session on April 25. You will get an invitation email 1-2 days in advance if you successfully pass all previous steps. 

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications. 

Benefits of the course
  • It is a free educational opportunity for everyone, offering intensive, practice-packed learning with mentor support in chat.
  • Learn from the best EPAM experts and regularly interact with mentors during Q&A sessions. 
  • Education in an international group with participants and experts from different countries. 
What will you learn?
  • Software Development Methodologies 
  • Testing Theory 
  • Test Automation Foundations 
  • Version Control with Git 


Introduction to Automated Testing
25 April · 5 weeks
Training · Online
Registration closed

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