Android Development with AI Tools (Tech Orda Voucher)
Study alongside the best EPAM practitioners with a 600 000 tenge voucher from the Tech Orda program, fully covering the training cost.
Program start
30 weeks

To get into the program, you need to undergo a preliminary competitive selection process.

We will equip you with the essential skills and hands-on experience needed to start your career. You will master programming in Java and Kotlin and learn to develop applications for the Android platform.

Through self-paced materials and live sessions with expert instructors, you will gain practical skills and foundational knowledge. Topics include UI development, working with network and local data, and using popular libraries like Android Jetpack and RxJava.

Upon completion, you will be ready to work on Android development projects with the confidence and skills needed to succeed.

Android is an OS and a programming platform developed by Google for smartphones, tablets and other devices. It has the largest installation base and is still growing fast.
In seven months you will:
  • Discover how to create and run simple Java programs
  • Learn the Kotlin language that was specifically designed to interact with Java
  • Understand how to build user interfaces (UIs), download from the network and save information locally
  • Develop proficiency in Prompt Engineering and the use of AI tools in Android Development, elevating your app development skills
  • Create a capstone project to put all recently acquired skills to practice and cap off your extensive learning with a project based on real-life tasks
Benefits of our program
  • Individual mentor. Every week, you'll participate in group and one-on-one meetings with your mentor to address questions and receive feedback on homework. The EPAM expert will ensure a thorough understanding of the course material.
  • Real projects. You will gain practical experience through real projects and hands-on learning, which will prepare you for technical interviews and help you build a toolkit to excel in the fast-paced world of technology.
  • Accessible content. We simplify complex things and boil sophisticated concepts into digestible, bite-sized content without sacrificing quality and learning experience.
  • Career services. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to prepare for your dream job, from resume creation to mock technical interviews, ensuring you are ready for real-life interview situations.
What is required for training:
  • Have an Intermediate (B1 or higher) English proficiency
  • Meet the requirements of Tech Orda
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page by August 15. Once you fill in all the required fields, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab.   
  2. Take an English test available in your profile. We expect you to complete it within 3 days after registration and reach the B1 (Intermediate) level or higher.    
  3. Complete a self-paced IT Fundamentals course. We will share its link via email upon successful completion of the English test. 
  4. Pass a technical assessment by August 30. You will need to reach a score of 70% or above to proceed. 
  5. Sign the documents and complete the verification process by October 11. During this stage, you will need your ID card or passport and digital signature. 
  6. Receive an invitation to the program and start learning on October 21. We will share the enrollment results via email and share further instructions. 

If you have any questions, click on the question mark widget in the lower right corner of the registration page. 

What will you learn?
  • Java First Steps  
  • Git and GitLab Basics  
  • Java Programming Fundamentals  
  • Object-Oriented Software Design and Programming  
  • Algorithms and Data Structures  
  • Java Generics and Collections  
  • Functional Programming with Java Introduction 
  • Java Concurrency Essentials  
  • jUnit and JVM Memory Model and Management 
  • Kotlin Basics 
  • Kotlin Functions, Static and Delegation 
  • Kotlin Collections and Coroutines 
  • Advanced Multi-Threading in Kotlin 
  • Overview of Android and its Application Components 
  • Using Fragment and ViewGroup 
  • Building a User Interface 
  • Multi-Threading and Persistence 
  • Networking and Android Jetpack 
  • Architecture Principles in Android 
  • Third-Party Libraries 
  • Programming for Media 
  • Android Testing 
  • Android App Stores 
  • Using Firebase 
  • Prompt Engineering Foundations
  • Android Development with AI Tools 
  • Capstone Project
Please read this additional info before registration
  • You can apply for the EPAM-facilitated program within the Tech Orda initiative only on this page.
  • Considering the limited number of vouchers, the application order and assessment results will be decisive factors in the enrollment process.
  • According to the final enrollment results, you can join only one IT school and one educational course within the Tech Orda program.
  • This course is not available for EPAM employees. Feel free to contact your Resource Manager regarding other opportunities.
Android Development with AI Tools (Tech Orda Voucher)
October · 30 weeks
Training · Online

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